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andrew murphy // bringing a design perspective to business

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andrew murphy // bringing a design perspective to business

andrew murphy // bringing a design perspective to business


Guiding a design process to uncover and explore a core problem, mine for insights,
and uncover potential solutions 



Bringing a design perspective to business through principles, archetypes, mapping, and prototyping



Unlocking visual storytelling and bringing clarity and confidence to work through simplicity, consistency, and polish



andrew murphy // bringing a design perspective to business

“I think Bigfoot is blurry, and
that’s extra scary to me.”

— Mitch Hedburg

I’m a fan of Mitch, and of this idea.
It’s also an idea I often feel like I inhabit — I am blurry. I occupy the blurred space between disciples, and it can be a challenge for people to describe me. But this blurred space, between disciplines, is where innovation gets very interesting.

Create a safe place to do dangerous things

This phrase, originally from a former creative director of mine, has become a consistent mantra for how I lead and develop my teams. 

Culture is paramount for creative and innovation teams. The trust and vulnerability required to do one’s best work demands a unique culture where risk taking is championed and protected, allowing what works to serve the organization, and what fails to make the next project stronger.

I’ve been lucky enough to innovate
and design inside some big brands

My work

Much of my work can’t be shared publicly, but a small selection  can be explored below. Let's connect to talk through my more recent portfolio of work.

Innovation &
design process

My process incorporates a blend of techniques I’ve found fruitful working with a variety of teams. Reflecting components from design thinking and sprint methodologies combined with provocations that inspire alternative thinking around problems, perceptions, and potential solutions.

Special attention is paid to the development of concrete ideas for impactful critique and change management techniques to increase adoption.

Learn more about my unique path and story >

Logo design

A case of redesigning an internal mark from its original form into a logo that better reflects the platform it represents.

Photo strategy

A study of the strategic qualities important to capturing modern shopping experiences through a series of photoshoots.

Ideation session

A case of an executive ideation session illustrative of the type of innovation sessions commonly crafted to provoke new thinking.

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